Sunday, November 4, 2012

On wearing socks....

I knit.
I have, in the past, knit socks.

For those of you who do not knit, socks are typically knit with tiny needles and thin wool. So it takes a while. Also, you knit one sock, and then it was such a hassle, and you only have one sock, but you feel done, and you never make another one. I speak from experience. Also, it has a name: Second Sock Syndrome.

But as a knitter, there are certain standard things that a knitter must master to be considered "intermediate" or "advanced". They don't exactly publish this stuff, but it's very much part of the culture. At least it is where I am. Snobby women who vacation in our area from larger cities like Chicago come to the Local Yarn Store and turn up their noses at beginner knitters. Also crocheters. Don't get me started on the hypocrisy associated with crocheters vs knitters. (For the record, I can do both, and they both rock, in their own special ways.)

So one of those unwritten standards is Sock Knitting. Don't get me wrong, the first time you turn a heel on a sock, that's a moment. A Moment. You feel like you just cast a Patronus charm. It's magical. Summer is usually "sock knitting season", mostly because when it's warm out, you don't want a heavy wool sweater in your lap. You wanna be knitting mittens, or socks - something small, and not likely to make you sweat.

But every summer, I'm like, "eh, I don't even much like wearing socks". But then, inevitably, in November, when it turns cold out, I'm like "where the eff are all my effing socks!?!?" And then you slide them onto your feet, and they feel so yummy. And your feet are WARM. I wore a pair to take the kid trick or treating, and my feet were the ONLY part of me that was warm that night. I used to just wear them in the house, under my slippers, afraid that wearing them in shoes would mess them up or something, after all those hours of work I put into them, no way was I just gonna wear them in my tennis shoes. Oh, how quickly I changed my mind.

Three pair is all I have. Three lovely pair of wool socks. I have yarn to make more, but I just never have. And of course, now, in the season where I'm supposed to be making things for other people for Giftmas...NOW I want to run into my yarn stash and grab my sock yarn and make more socks FOR MEEEEEEEEE.

Life is so unfair.

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