Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I almost threw them away....

Rob works a VERY physical job. He works in an aluminum die-cast plant, making huge parts for the automotive industry. In the summer it's very hot. In the winter it's very hot. He burns himself a lot. He has yummy arms from lifting heavy parts and molds and such. He talks about things like mold screens and crucibles, and I just smile and nod. I have some experience in manufacturing, but I was a weld and laser cut quality inspector, we didn't do die-cast, so sometimes he's speaking Greek.

In addition he doesn't eat very well. I'm having a hard time a) finding things he will eat with no substitutions because he doesn't like an ingredient and b) finding the TIME for him to eat. He basically gets up an hour before he goes to work at 10:30 PM, and he doesn't want to eat as he's waking up. So I'm pretty sure he doesn't get the good stuff he needs to make his body run at 100%.

So he cramps up a lot. Sometimes at work. Sometimes when hes dead asleep. I'll hear him pounding his leg on the ground, he'll come staggering out of the bedroom blinking in the sunlight, go straight for the fridge, grab a gaterade, and stumble back to the bedroom. I've long ago learned NOT to say anything to him, because he's basically still half asleep and if you talk to him he wakes up fully and he really gets grumpy about that.

So instead I make sure that I buy things like bananas, gaterade, and his vitamins. I make sure that there is always a gaterade in the fridge, and try to feed him actual meals, instead of just "grab and go" food. I'm still working on it, there's definitely a learning curve to this. He's also pretty stubborn, and doesn't like change. Apparently my way is "change".

He's working a lot of 12's right now, so I don't see him much. Apparently the bananas don't see him much either, because for the first time ever, there were bananas on the counter that went bad! Rob loves bananas. I like them, but I probably don't "love" them. I LOVE red bananas, but those aren't exactly mainstream OR cheap, both of which is pretty much how Rob shops.

So I was about to throw them away, when a thought popped into my brain.

Banana Bread.

Of course I've heard that you COULD make banana bread from scratch, but I grew up in a very "from a box" house. I've come to this game late. And I just realized that basically EVERYTHING is on the internet. I know, duh, right? But really. EVERYTHING. IS. ON. THE. INTERNET.

So I typed in "easy banana bread". And about a thousand different recipes came up. Pancakes, muffins, fritters, frozen pops, foster, cookies, smores, ice cream, milkshakes. Seriously, people apparently love bananas, and they also forget about their bananas and they go all mushy. I AM NOT ALONE.

So I threw this shit together. Seriously. I love that I have all the stuff I need to bake something on the fly. Except I need cream of tartar for some cookies I wanna make, note to self. Anyway. I mashed up some 'nanas. Here's the recipe I used. I only needed one egg, so that was the winning recipe.

It came out seriously ugly, unlike any other bread I've ever seen before. There was no graceful bread "top". I'm sure it's something I did, like use spray to lube the pan. Also it stuck a little in the bottom, but when I sat it on a plate, one would never know. So it was probably the lube.

But OH MY GAWD was it good. And then Rob was all "eh" about Banana Bread. Yea, my dream man! More for MAMA!

Yes, I called it lube.

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