Friday, November 2, 2012

On selling out....

As I've mentioned before, we just moved. Well, a few months ago we "just" moved. The living room is pretty much put together, but in every other room, I have a LIST of things I need to get taken care of.

One of the biggest problems is the lack of space. Our new trailer has three bedrooms, so it's quite large. But we combined two complete households, and THEN my dad decided to move into my brothers, and a lot of his stuff got "inherited" over here. I was very overwhelmed by everything, so I pretty much just stacked the stuff up higher and didn't say "no".

Now I'm trying desperately to dig out of it. We really really just have too much stuff.

So I started with stuff that was directly in my face. Everyday when I opened my bulging-full walk in closet, I was confronted by the ghosts of clothes I haven't worn in forever, shoes I have never worn, and stuff I forgot I owned. I made a huge pile and started taking photographs. Those got uploaded to a site on facebook for plus sized clothing "online garage sales" and so far, I've done pretty well. Yea, one can always use the extra cash, but mostly I'm just glad I'm getting it out of my closet.

I found that I somehow ended up with some of my sister's old stuff in some of my bins of "winter clothing", and it was from before she had her gastric bypass surgery, so they are, um, in a word, HUGE. Some of the rest are clothes that I actually no longer fit, which makes me VERY happy. Except for the jeans. I'm basically down to two pairs of jeans that "fit me", and really, they only fit me when they are straight out of the dryer and are shrunken a little. If i try to wear them that second day, they are so loose that I really could take them off without unbuttoning them. I'm not complaining, I'm just nervous about being able to afford really nice new jeans. If I can find my belt, I can probably get through another few months.

I add a few things to the facebook site every day, and after I get a little further down my pile, I'm going to start in on the spare bedroom. This is sort of panic inducing for me. There's really a lot of stuff in there, including a lot of yarn. A LOT of yarn. It's a small room, and I need to eventually put a bed in there. Hah, I say eventually, when really, I need a bed in there ASAP. And then my own bedroom needs to look more like a bedroom and less like half a bedroom and half dumping ground. And with poor Rob working so many 12's, it's really up to me, and no excuses should be made.

Okay, I should probably get off my butt and get to purging. If I'm not heard from in 24 hours, send in the rescue squad.....

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