Thursday, November 1, 2012

On getting my cut of the candy...

We took the kiddo trick or treating last night. He was a character from a cartoon called Dragonball, and basically no one had any clue who he was.

He told me he wanted to be a character called Gohan. He had to explain to me who that was, but his dad knew. His father being the King of a place called Last Minute Land, I volunteered to take the kid shopping for his costume last Friday. We first went to one of those Halloween stores, with all the costumes and such, and even though I warned the kid that they probably wouldn't have a Gohan costume, he was still disappointed when the girl looked at us funny and said "who?". They did end up having SOME anime costumes, just not a Gohan, and nothing from Dragonball. So Plan B it was.

What did we ever do before smartphones? I did a quick google search and came up with a picture of Gohan. Before we left, we headed over to the wig section of the store, and I grabbed a spikey brown wig. When he'd left our house last, he had actual hair, brown. We were planning on just spiking his hair up, but his mother apparently had other ideas, and she shaved it all off! Wig = 10$. Then the kiddo informed me that he had to have a TAIL. Apparently, in part of the cartoon this character has a tail, like a cat. Okay. Tail = 5$. Then off to walmart, where we grabbed a navy blue pair of sweat pants and a matching blue t-shirt = 9$. But he really need a pair of "around the house pants" anyway, so they are worth every penny. I ended up buying an extra t-shirt, red. I cut the bottom off to make that red "belt" and then cut off the short sleeves to make the  cuffs.

Apparently I'm the coolest sortastepmom on the PLANET! This is the best picture I could get...

We went to a Halloween event on Sunday, and he got SOME candy. It was warmer, we had ice cream cones, it was fun. LAST night, omg, it was cold, it was rainy, it was miserable. We went to his great-grandparents house (Robs Grandparents, the most ADORABLE old people ever, I LOVE them) because they have a much better neighborhood than we do. And we walked around while the kid darted from house to house. I kept joking with him that he better go get me some good candy, and he kept saying things like "No, I'm doing all the work here" and he was SERIOUS.

Uh, no little dude. I put that costume together, your father paid for it, I drove you in my car to this neighborhood, and your dad and I are standing here in the cold so you can get candy. I'M EATING SOME.  That's just the way it is.

Also of note, filed under "I told you so"....NO ONE knew who he was. Out of the two days, boys of about the same age were like "GOHAN!" Bu at every house we went to, someone asked. There were some "are you a lion?" He got a few "rockstars", but mostly it was "who are you supposed to be?" AND HE HATED IT. Once, when I giggled a little at his indignant reaction, he turned to me and said "OK, JENN, I don't need your comments right now" like a TEENAGER. Oh, god help us. That right there is gonna cost him at LEAST some milk duds.

And then I asked him, "What are you going to be next year?" and he said "GOHAN!" So apparently he didn't learn his lesson.

On the way home from Candy Grabbing, we had to drop him back off at his mom's, and he really thought he was taking his bag of candy home to her house. UH, no. Instead we did a quick check of some of it, he picked the cream of the crop, Great Gramma gave him a zipbaggie, and he took home SOME of the candy. I just now put all the rest in a big bowl in our living room. I haven't eaten any of it yet, but chances are good that I'll be picking through it later tonight. Rob took off a few days so he's home tonight, and we are going to catch up on Dexter.

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