Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bitch and Moan

I worked on those slippers for more than a few hours yesterday. I think it's going well, but it's not done. I will have plenty of time to continue working on them because....

Rob just got home from his overnight shift, and told me that the ONLY day next week that he does not work a 12 is Tuesday, when he works an 8 hour shift. He has no days off. At all. Until Thanksgiving. And he doesn't even know for sure that he has that day off. Have I mentioned that his father is coming into down for the Holiday? And that Thursday morning we are going to my dad's for the big meal for lunch, and then trying to get to his sisters for dessert after their big meal dinner? Fun fact, my father lives half an hour EAST of us, and his sister lives 20 minutes WEST of us, and in between that, we have to drop the kiddo off at his moms which is 30 minutes NORTH of us so that he can eat a big meal with her, and then pick him up on the way home from Rob's sister. And then his extended family is going to come to town on Saturday - a ton of aunts and uncles and cousins and such? So yea, he really sorta needs that weekend off.

The silver lining of all this working...well, the TWO silver linings are: a) I'm doing a bang up job of being a stepmom. b) this is gonna be amazing for giftmas money. On the other hand, we have no idea what the kiddo WANTS for giftmas. Last year was easy, he got a Wii. He got a 3DS for his birthday this summer. So what's left, as far as "the big present"?

Okay, so my very awesome blog post for the day was me bitching. Trust me, I held back. It could have been much worse. Sorry.


  1. Lee has no time off from either of his 2 jobs before xmas (and even xmas is doubtful as he may get asked to worked the stat days even though they fall on his normal days off from the club). His parents descend on us for 3-4 weeks from the 10th of December..oh joy!

    what about a tablet or an ipad for the kid??

    1. that is a good idea, he uses my kindle almost more than I do. My original plan was to buy the newer Fire and he could have the hand me down, though.

      To make matters worse, after I wrote that, he and rob went to lunch with his grandmother on his mom's side (yes, rob's mother in law has a better relationship with him than with her own daughter) and SHE bought him the 3ds Mario game that was my ONLY lead on giftmas presents.

      I'm thinking, at least for a stocking stuffer or something, a "kids cookbook" and maybe some ingredients. He made that wacky cake with me yesterday and loved helping. That's the sort of thing I'd like to promote.

      And yes, I just wrote a blog post as a comment of a blog post.


  2. cookbook sounds like a good stocking stuffer...and a nerf gun, they are awesome.

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  4. oh and if he is a reader then I would totally recommend Suzanne Collins the Underland Chronicles (she wrote the hunger games) or the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer (makes you look at leprechauns in a whole new light)

    1. He has a nerf gun. Several, in fact. He tried to take it outside the other day to shoot at the neighborhood bully, so I had to put the kabosh on that. The neighborhood bully is five years older than him, and twice his size. He'd have never seen that nerf gun again....

      Books are a good idea, though. His mother was trying to drop hints about me long term loaning him my kindle (to take back to his moms) and me putting kids books on it for him. Yea, no, lady. Just no. You cannot play with my kindle, sorry.