Friday, November 16, 2012

List 11/16/2012

  • My 9 year old stepson apparently has a girlfriend. I don't even know what to say about that. I have to get more details from his dad, first. 
  • I got to go hang out at the yarn shop for a bit tonight. I hadn't been there in a few MONTHS, which is some sort of a sick record for me, especially when I point out that I consider the owner an actual FRIEND of mine. 
  • Also at the yarn shop tonight? The chick that ran for the school board that I told you I voted for, and made Rob vote for, and she's a cop, and she apparently lives down the road from me, and she's SO COOL and we're gonna be facebook friends. 
  • I hit McDonald's on the way home. I only wanted some fries and a tea, but then I saw that they are doing that "seasonal cool glass for free if you buy a large value meal" so I caved. I LOVE those glasses. Last year they were coke glasses, this year they are "vintage McDonald slogans" or something. Also, bacon double cheeseburger! 
  • But then when I got home, the kid was all "Can we make the pizzas now? I waited for you". So then I felt bad. And I lied, and said I'd only gotten a tea.
  • The kid found a new show on netflix that he LOVES. It's an anime called "Sgt Frog". As far as I can tell, Sgt Frog channels Stewie a lot. I think it's a little old for him, but hey, he has a girlfriend, so yea, apparently he gets the bewb jokes. 
  • I have to clean this house tonight. I have no idea how it got to be Friday but I'm having company this weekend and I'd rather Ashley not see Robs underpants in the bathroom. 
  • We have a colony of semi-friendly feral cats living under our trailer. 
  • We also have an infestation of CAMEL CRICKETS living in our bathroom, apparently. Do not google them, they are UGLY. I call them "alien bugs". They are harmless though. Except when you die of fright when you walk into the bathroom and turn on the light and OMG WHAT THE EFF IS THAT?
  • Rob is STILL working 12 hour shifts, and he has no days off in sight. Rumor at work is that they will be working over Thanksgiving holiday too. Hello triple time, and a 12 hour shift. 
  • I miss him. I knew about this when we got together, so I cannot complain. I also told him several times that he didn't have to worry about me, because his ex-wife cheated on him when he was working shifts like this, and ended up leaving him and marrying the guy. I'm NOT that girl. I like time on my own, so this is fine. I just miss him. And I feel bad because he's the only one working, and I'm pulling no weight on the bills right now. 
  • Also he's not used to being taken care of, so he is weirded out by my constant refrain of "what can I do to help?" and "here, let me do that for you", or "what can I do to make it easier?" I lived with my father for what, five years? The entire time I was fetching and cooking and carrying and running errands for him. And yes, maybe that shouldn't have been my life, but it's what I'm used to. I get here and I feel useless, and bored. JUST FUCKING LET ME HELP. 
  • Last year I started some cactus from seed. LAST YEAR. They are now like, half the size of a dime. No kidding. Could you GROW any slower? They just got these little baby spines, and this last time I watered them, it looks like they are getting some little buds going, for the next segment. I have no idea what KIND of seeds they are, they were part of a "cactus garden" variety packet, and the other two type of seeds didn't even germinate. I have like, eight of them, in a planter, next to the window. 
  • Would it be wrong to move the entire living room furniture lay out just so my plants can have a southern expose (more sunlight) this winter?
  • Imma go knit now. 


  1. Hey I totally missed our skype date the other weekend *sob* we must try again soon.

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