Thursday, November 8, 2012

List 11/08/12

  • Rob got his schedule last night, for next week. He's got to work 12 hour shifts through Monday. This means that I'm in charge of the Kiddo this weekend. I really wanted to go to my dad's on Saturday, but taking the kid there is not fair - he gets SO bored. 
  • We are still out of eggs
  • The house looks decent, but I still feel like I should be up and cleaning something. 
  • The Halloween candy bucket is getting REALLY low on chocolate. Sweetarts are NOT chocolate. 
  • I think winter is probably the worst season to replant houseplants, but I have two that really need it, and I'm itching to do it. 
  • Glass fronted kitchen cabinets are NOT as good of an idea as they sound. They just look messy. 
  • The no knead pizza dough that was in the fridge "turned" on me last night. I discovered that two bites in. 
  • There are no job listings online that I am suitable for. 
  • This weeks project? Putting that plastic stuff on the windows. Especially the ones in the bedroom and the master bath. 
  • Kiddos parent-teacher conference is today, Rob has to get up early to go, after only 6 hours of sleep. 
  • I feel like getting my spindle out and spinning some wool. I'm afraid it will make a mess. 
  • Thank you, Netflix, for Marilyn Monroe movies. 

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