Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A LIST, 11/06/12

  • I voted today. I waited in line for over and hour. I don't like people all that much, so this was not fun. Luckily no one was coughing on me. 
  • Today is the LAST DAY for political commercials. This is the best part of the election, serious. I'm tired of those damn commercials.
  • I missed posting yesterday, so I probably am an epic fail on the whole NoBlowhateveritis. I was sick, so I slept like, ALL DAY. I'm still not unsick today, but I feel lots better. 
  • Is there anything more delicious than a black and white movie with Edith Head listed as costume designer? No. 
  • I raided the kids Halloween candy just now. I feel like crap, so it pretty much tasted like sawdust. So I stopped eating it. 
  • The kiddo is sick, too, at his mom's house. She called yesterday to tell Rob. He was sleeping, but I woke him up. She called again just a little while ago to tell him that the fever was dropping. I wonder if  Kiddo and I have the same germs right now?
  • I offered to make cornbread for Rob with his dinner, and he said no. HE SAID NO. I think i'm crushed. He said he likes my cornbread but it's not something he should eat right before he goes to work. I don't like this answer, but I guess I accept it. I might make it anyway and just not let him eat any. 
  • I made those nutella brownies to take to my dad's house on Sunday for family dinner. My brother kept trying to trick me into admitting they were made from a box. They weren't. Nutella is one of my dad's weaknesses, and he loved them. I'm now out of nutella. 
  • I made Rob vote for one of my friends who was running for the school board simply because she's a KNITTER. Really. That's the reason I told Rob. He found this amusing, but says that he did in fact vote for her. 
  • I'm worried about my houseplants. It's cooler in here, and I'm afraid they won't make it a whole winter in the cold. On the other hand, it's not like I want to blow extra hundreds of dollars on gas for the furnace just so my plants won't die. 
  • I'm knitting more socks. Yes, I caved. 
  • I got like two bins emptied that were in the office. Baby steps. 

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