Monday, January 28, 2013

The teenager has landed.....

Well, so, I got up really really early this morning, and met my cousin. I'd only had about 4 hours of sleep, so I'm really really tired right now, 14 hours later. I gave her dad a pep talk (he's homeless too and not handling it well), loaded her few belongings into my trunk, and THEN loaded her animals into my backseat. I had the pleasure of dropping them off at her Grandmother's house for the duration.

At her grandmas (who I call "ma"), she got crap from her Papa about never calling. She got a lot of "make sure you behaves", and a few "everything is okay". I got a crash course in THE NEXT STEPS. I've got to get her signed up for government assistance and Medicare. I need to get her a state ID (she is legally not allowed to drive due to her disability) and probably a birth certificate. She also needs to complete the GED course that she started.

So far she seems a) deeply depressed, b) scared as hell, and c) eager to please.

In the car we had a few brief conversations regarding a) not pissing off Rob, b) what i expected of her, c) not doing anything illegal (drugs, drinking, etc) and d) not having "relations" with her boyfriend in our house (Rob's request). She didn't seem to be wanting to break any of those basic requests, so I think we're good.

I made dinner. She asked several times if she could help. I refused. I told her that I'm not expecting a maid, and there'd be plenty of time for her to help me in the future. I've stated several times that she needs to be responsible for HERSELF. Her food, her part of rent (when it comes to that), cleaning up after herself, pitching in her share of household chores, and any gas money that I might spend getting her to any work that I can gladly drive her to. I think she is completely unused to this philosophy. I'm pretty sure she has NO CLUE how this is actually supposed to work. That makes me very very sad. Her mother used her pretty horribly.

So, day one down.

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