Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year


1. To keep all resolutions for longer than the first week.
2. To knit or crochet up my stash. This will be a considerable effort. I have a lot of yarn, and I'm going to have to organize it so that I can. I've started already, working down some of my cotton collection. I've made a few potholders, and a few loofahs. I've thrown away bits and pieces I had experimented on but didn't succeed. I have two blankets more than halfway done, that i just need to finish.
3. Keep the kitchen cleaner and more organized. For some reason, the kitchen tends to "get away" from us more than any other room. I don't know why, we have a dishwasher. There's really no excuse.

Things I'm going to try this year:

1. I really really want to make homemade mead. Raspberry, actually. I just need some equipment, which I will most likely buy with my tax refund this year.
2. I want to go on a road trip alone. Just me. And the open road. I've been thinking about it so much that I think I've romantized it in my head.
3. Overdying yarn. I once bought a sweaters worth of cocoa brown yarn. It's pretty, but.... brown. I'm hoping to get it to some other shade, maybe even darker.
4. I want to get to Central Mine for the reunion, and if I can't make the reunion, then just some other time. I'd really like to try camping up there, just me and the boys and a tent. I want to see my Great-great grandmother's house, which is a museum in a town which is a historical site.

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