Saturday, January 26, 2013

A big change....

So, I'm writing this when I should be cleaning. But I need a break, so....

Tomorrow, I will be responsible for yet another human being. I'm totally freaked out, but I'm faking it.

I have a "spare room". In this case, "spare" refers to the fact that that no one sleeps in it currently. It does NOT refer to the amount of crap currently in the room. Honestly, it's FULL. We don't have really any other ways to store anything, so it was all thrown into that room when we moved in. Yarn, guitars, amps, christmas trees, books, extra's all in there. Bins and bins and bins full.

I've tried to tidy it in the past few months, but when you have no other place to put that stuff, it's really just putting lipstick on a pig. We need a shed, and we planned on having one built this spring. Then the books and stuff could go out there. I've also been knitting exclusively from stash since we moved in here. I have not bought yarn in MONTHS. I have a load of books to go to goodwill, even.

So by noonish tomorrow, I need to have at least enough floor space for an air mattress. It's a tiny room, so really, after the desk and dresser that is in there, that's pretty much ALL the floor space.

I am in my 30's. I'll even say, MID thirties. I am old enough to be a mom of an 18 year old, and that's pretty much what I'm going to be starting tomorrow. I have a cousin who is 18, and she doesn't really HAVE a mom in her life. She has a biological mother who sorta just screwed her over, and left her for dead. No, I'm not exaggerating  My cousin was in the hospital, getting treatment for a disability that she has, and her mother left her and her boyfriend there at a really prestigious hospital about two hours from home. And then called and told her that she'd gotten rid of all her stuff. That's pretty much all the details I have on that.

She grew up with her dad, who is my cousin (our grandmothers are/were sisters). Her dad called me the other day and said "I need to talk to you." I thought he just wanted to get together to play cards or something. He's just broken up with his fiance, and he's pretty much homeless. He asked me to take his kid.

He first said "a few weeks", but I'm thinking that it's going to end up being longer than that. I don't want her to jump into something unplanned and then end up going wrong. I'd rather have her here, saving up, planning, getting done the things she needs to get done. I'm pretty sure she has no diploma, so a GED is gonna be first on my list. She needs a job, but I don't know how that's going to work with her disability. I know that she tried working at subway for a while, but ended up in pain all the time. I know there's gotta be an entry level shitty desk job SOMEWHERE with her name all over it.

At first Rob was extremely uncomfortable about all this. He's never even met her. He has met her grandmother, and her aunt, but that's about it. I talked him down, and I think he's humoring me. For a while she was trying to get me to let her boyfriend move in with us, and uh, no. I don't even know the kid. Rob was "hell no!" about the boyfriend. Neither of them are working, there's no car between them, and I see a lot of doctor's appointments and state paperwork in her future, (so, in my future).

So, I figure, worst case scenario, I'll have an awful lot of fun drama to blog about in the near future. For now though, I better get off here and go figure out the office. I've stalled long enough.

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